1. What is this?

designdb.online is a tool to quickly generate documentation for your sound system design for use in prepping your show. The system ultimately outputs labels and lists for cables, breakouts, and bundles.

2. Why would I use this?

You might use a FileMaker solution, Excel, custom CAD/database systems or a dedicated piece of software instead of designdb.online.

If you are unhappy with the above solutions or you don't have one yet, designdb.online may be for you.

designdb.online is free, online and in constant development.

3. Why doesn't it have rack gear or other equipment?

I'm working on it...

I want to make this app as usable as possible and I don't want to publish a poor user experience.

Simplicity is where designdb excels, and I don't want to hinder that.

I will send an email to all users when the feature is complete.

4. Can I add more cable types and breakouts?

Sure. Just email me what you'd like and I'll add it right away.

Due to the Beta status of the app, I don't want to publish a form to add cable types that might break as I work on the database.

I can add them manually if you need them

5. Do I have to pay to use it?

Nope. It's free.

6. I found a bug! I want to request a feature!

Please visit the project's GitHub issue tracker HERE