Equipment available in the system

Equipment Type Manufacturer Description Model
Amplifiers Lab.Gruppen fP3400 2ch Amplifier fP3400
Amplifiers d&b Audiotechnik E-PAC Amp/Controller-115V NL4 Out E-PAC
Amplifiers d&b Audiotechnik D6 Amplifier 2 x 350@ 8 ohm D6
Amplifiers d&b Audiotechnik D12 Amplifier NL8 D12-NL8
Amplifiers d&b Audiotechnik D12 NL4 Mainframe Amplifier 2 x 750 D12
Amplifiers d&b Audiotechnik D20 4-Channel Amplifier D20
Amplifiers Lab.Gruppen fP2400Q 4Ch Amplifier fP2400Q
Amplifiers Lab.Gruppen fP6400 2Ch Amplifier fP6400
Amplifiers d&b Audiotechnik D80 Amplifier NL4 D80
Amplifiers Alcons Sentinel 10 Amplified Loudspeaker Controller Sentinel 10
Processing Meyer Sound D-Mitri DCP Core Processor - 2 rack spaces D-Mitri DCP
Processing Meyer Sound Galileo 616 Loudspeaker Management System Galileo 616
Processing XTA DP448 Audio Management System DP448
Processing Meyer Sound D-Mitri DDIO-24 Digital I/O - 24 AES inputs and 24 AES outputs D-Mitri DDIO-24
Processing Meyer Sound D-Mitri DAO-24 Analog Out - 24 analog outputs 2 space D-Mitri DAO-24
Processing Meyer Sound MM-4CEU Control Electronics Unit For MM-4 MM-4CEU
Mult Cable Masque 06pr Parallel Panel 4x06pr Male GBlock To 1xFemale XLR Tail 6PR PAR PANEL
Speakers Meyer Sound MJF-210 Low-Profile Stage Monitor Speakers MJF-210
Speakers Meyer Sound 1100-LFC Low Frequency Controller 1100-LFC
Speakers Meyer Sound M1D Ultra Compact Array Loudspeaker M1D
Speakers Meyer Sound MM-4XP Compact Loudspeaker MM-4XP
Speakers Meyer Sound MINA UltraCompact M Series Array Loudspeaker MINA
Speakers Meyer Sound MICA Compact M Series Array Loudspeaker MICA
Speakers Meyer Sound UP-4XP UltraCompact Speaker EN3 5-pin male connector UP-4XP
Speakers Meyer Sound CQ-1 Loudspeaker CQ-1
Speakers Meyer Sound CQ-2 Narrow CQ-2
Speakers Meyer Sound UPA-2P Self Powered Narrow Coverage Speaker UPA-2P
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E15X Subwoofer NL4 E15X
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik Y12 Loudspeaker NL4 Y12
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik Y8 Loudspeaker NL4 Y8
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik Y7P Loudspeaker NL4 Y7P
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E12-D Loudspeaker E12-D
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik C6 Full Range Speaker w/60 Deg x 40 Deg C6
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik V12 Loudspeaker NL4 V12
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik J-INFRA Subwoofer NL8 J-INFRA
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik V8 Loudspeaker NL4 V8
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik V-SUB SubWoofer NL4 V-SUB
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E4 Loudspeaker E4
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E5 Loudspeaker NL4 E5
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E0 Compact Loudspeaker Black NL4 E0
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E12X Subwoofer E12X
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik Q1 Loudspeaker Array NL4 Q1
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik Q-Sub Subwoofer NL4 Q-SUB
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik C7 Top Full Range Spkr w/75x45 Degree Horn C7
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik Q7 Loudspeaker NL4 Q7
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik Q10 Loudspeaker NL4 Q10
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E8 Loudspeaker NL4 E8
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik T10 Loudspeaker T10
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik B4 Subwoofer NL4 B4
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E12 Loudspeaker NL4 E12
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E6 Loudspeaker NL4 E6
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik B2 Dualmode Subwoofer NL4 (2x18) B2
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E3 Full Range Speaker E3
Speakers d&b Audiotechnik E9 Full Range Speaker w/90x50degree Dispersion E9
Speakers Meyer Sound Melodie Ultra Compact HP Curvilinear Array Melodie
Speakers Meyer Sound 500-HP Compact Subwoofer w/ RMS & Rigging 500-HP
Speakers Meyer Sound 600-HP High Power Subwoofer 2x15 w/Rigging & RMS 600-HP
Speakers Meyer Sound 700-HP Ultra High-Powered Subwoofer w/ Rigging & RMS 700-HP
Speakers Meyer Sound USW-1P Powered 2x15 Subwoofer USW-1P
Speakers Meyer Sound UPA-1P Self-Powered Speaker UPA-1P
Speakers Meyer Sound UPJ-1P Powered Speaker UPJ-1P
Speakers Meyer Sound UPJunior 80 Deg x 50 Deg V UPJunior
Speakers Meyer Sound UPM-1P Self Powered Speaker UPM-1P
Speakers Meyer Sound UPM-2P Powered Speaker UPM-2P
Speakers Meyer Sound MM-4 Compact Loudspeaker MM-4
Speakers Meyer Sound UMS-1P Compact Self Powered Subwoofer UMS-1P
Speakers Meyer Sound UM-1P Self-Powered Monitor Speaker UM-1P
Speakers Meyer Sound UPQ-2P Narrow Coverage Loudspeaker UPQ-2P
Speakers Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Wide Coverage Loudspeaker UPQ-1P
Speakers Meyer Sound MM-10AC Self-powered miniature Subwoofer MM-10AC


Cable Name Breakouts
240v 1phase 10Amp
Ceeform 32A
Eon Loom Eon Loom breakout Male -- Eon Loom breakout Female --
Whirlwind 20pr W2 Whirlwind 20pr male XLR breakout Male -- Whirlwind 20pr female XLR breakout Male --
16 Pair XLR Snake 16 Pair Female XLR Breakout Female -- 16 Pair Male XLR Breakout Male --
8 Pair XLR Snake 8 Pair Female XLR Breakout Female -- 8 Pair Male XLR Breakout Male --
4 Pair XLR Snake 4 Pair Male XLR Breakout Male -- 4 Pair Female XLR Breakout Female --
3Pin XLR
3 Pin Digital XLR
5Pin XLR
RG7 Mult
RG6 Mult
03Pr Mult 03Pr Mult Tail Male XLR -- 03Pr Mult Tail Female XLR -- 03Pr Mult Tail Male TRS -- 03Pr Mult Rack Panel Male XLR -- 03Pr Mult Floor Box Male XLR -- 03Pr Mult Rack Panel Female XLR -- 03Pr Mult Floor Box Female XLR --
06Pr Mult 06Pr Mult Tail Male XLR -- 06Pr Mult Tail Female XLR -- 06Pr Mult Tail Male TRS -- 06Pr Mult Rack Panel Male XLR -- 06Pr Mult Floor Box Male XLR -- 06Pr Mult Rack Panel Female XLR -- 06Pr Mult Floor Box Female XLR --
09Pr Mult 09Pr Mult Tail Male XLR -- 09Pr Mult Tail Female XLR -- 09Pr Mult Tail Male TRS -- 09Pr Mult Rack Panel Male XLR -- 09Pr Mult Floor Box Male XLR -- 09Pr Mult Rack Panel Female XLR -- 09Pr Mult Floor Box Female XLR --
11pr Mult 11pr Mult Tail Male XLR -- 11pr Mult Tail Female XLR -- 11pr Mult Tail Male TRS -- 11pr Mult Rack Panel Male XLR -- 11pr Mult Floor Box Male XLR -- 11pr Mult Rack Panel Female XLR -- 11pr Mult Floor Box Female XLR --
15pr Mult 15pr Mult Tail Male XLR -- 15pr Mult Tail Female XLR -- 15pr Mult Tail Male TRS -- 15pr Mult Rack Panel Male XLR -- 15pr Mult Floor Box Male XLR -- 15pr Mult Rack Panel Female XLR -- 15pr Mult Floor Box Female XLR --
19pr Mult 19pr Mult Tail Male XLR -- 19pr Mult Tail Female XLR -- 19pr Mult Tail Male TRS -- 19pr Mult Rack Panel Male XLR -- 19pr Mult Floor Box Male XLR -- 19pr Mult Rack Panel Female XLR -- 19pr Mult Floor Box Female XLR --
Cat5 Mult
8 Channel AES Mult 8 Channel AES Mult Tail Male XLR -- 8 Channel AES Mult Tail Female XLR --
Cat5 w/ RJ45
Socapex Socapex breakout 2x NL8 Male -- Socapex breakout 2x NL8 Female -- Socapex breakout 4x NL4 Male -- Socapex breakout 4x NL4 Female -- Socapex box 4x NL4 Male with feedthru -- Socapex breakout 8x NL2 Male -- Socapex box 8x NL2 Male with feedthru -- Socapex breakout 6x Powercon Blue Male -- Socapex breakout 6x Powercon Grey Female --
NL8 NL8 A/B Y Inline Female -- NL8 A/B/C/D Y Inline Female --
Speaker Twist
DB25 Analog
DB25 Digital
1/4" TS
1/4" TRS
MIDI Cable
4Pin XLR
6Pin XLR
Combo XLR Powercon Combo XLR Powercon breakout Powercon Grey/XLR Female -- Combo XLR Powercon breakout Powercon Blue/XLR Male --
Whirlwind W4 56pr W4 56pr breakout W4 Male XLR -- W4 56pr breakout W4 Female XLR -- W4 56pr Splitter 56pr Female XLR Splitter Box --
Whirlwind 12pr Whirlwind 12pr breakout 12pr Male XLR -- Whirlwind 12pr breakout 12pr Female XLR -- 12pr Stage Slug 12pr Female XLR --